Simplifying visitor management and resource sharing

EXPO Booking supports organisations in managing the complexity behind group & school bookings, workshops, conferences, planetariums & cinemas, teacher training programs, birthday parties or other activities with high resource utilisation. We do this using our modern, cloud-based, venue management system combined with our extensive knowledge from the world of Museums and Science Centres.

EXPO Booking is the secure and scalable solution your organisation can rely on for your business critical processes, as do Science Centres and Museums all over Europe.

Connecting the dots of your organisation

Finally, a management system you can rely on to tie your operations together and ensure quality in all parts of your visitor management.

Easy online bookings & tickets

Creating a clear overview of your programs and tickets encourages your bookers to complete online bookings and make payments of digital tickets. All in a mobile friendly, WCAG 2.1-compliant user interface, tested by countless of professionals in your target groups.

Make the most of your resources

The sky may be the limit, but so is your number of educators, available labs or seats in your cinema. With EXPO Booking you can allow your resources to be used for more purposes without worrying about exceeding your limits or restrictions.

Insights & overviews

Get that vital overview of what is happening in your organisation and gain insights to how your business is doing through structured data presentations, lists and reports. And make sure to use your data from EXPO Booking to benchmark new programs and ideas to make informed decisions when refining your program.

Support & Knowledge

Sit back while our skilled support team introduces EXPO Booking in your organisation and invites you to benefit from our solid expertise in the world of Museums and Science Centres. And we will continue to be there, even when everything runs smoothly.

Scale up without surprises

More bookings? More resources? More administrators? Great, keep them coming! EXPO Booking will be there to support your growth ambitions. And there are no hidden extra costs based on your usage as you grow with us.

Expand your offer

Dare to be creative when expanding your range without worrying about limitations in your organisation or in a system. As long as you control the availability of your employees and when premises are closed for maintenance, EXPO Booking is in control of what is available to book.

Relieving automations

Free up time for more important tasks by automating time-consuming tasks such as keeping track of e-mail confirmations, attendance reminders, resource planning and those cumbersome discount policies.

Entry on the go

Conduct a mobile event outside your premises, while still keeping track of attendance. With our clever and cloud-based visitor check-in interfaces, you can bring your access control wherever you like and use hardware of your choice.

Less work for IT

Our cloud-based solutions will ease the burden on your IT-department. Use the hardware you already own and we will handle all maintenance and support needed to provide you with a reliable and scalable system with outstanding performance wherever your bookers are.

Invite the world

Open up to visitors from all over the world by offering your offer in multiple languages and payments in multiple currencies.

Integrations & Extensions

Expand with your other important systems through our API and build custom solutions using data from EXPO Booking.

Peace of Mind to Your Team

Let EXPO Booking take care of team information distribution using clear overviews and custom reports. By subscribing to their reservation calendar, all the information your educators need to plan their day is right there in their smartphone. And being able to trust distributed information makes it so much easier for your team to deliver first class experiences to your visitors.

Work with Updated CRM Data

Since you are providing your recurring bookers with a simple way to book themselves as well as access to all their past bookings, they will gladly support you in keeping your customer data up to date with every new booking they make. And with all reservation and customer data in one place, you can create selections to make spot-on targeted mailings to all teachers who attended chemistry workshops last year.

Gather Data Needed for Visits or Statistics

Information needed in preparation of a visit. Compiled data needed for future strategic decisions. Monthly reports of planetarium audience or school impact to please external stakeholders. For whatever purpose, you can use the flexible forms in EXPO Booking to collect all the data you need.

The Perfect Toolbox

To provide you with the flexibility needed in a dynamic and constantly changing organisation, EXPO Booking contains a set of well-proven tools in a secure toolbox that keeps evolving and growing.


User-friendly program presentation


Interface for online booking


Flexible booking management


Automated confirmations and notifications


Custom and re-usable reports for overview and statistics


API for external integrations


Resource reservation and management


Support for multiple languages and currencies


Customer account management


Flexible price and contract management


Online ticket reservations


Visitor check-in interfaces


Online card payment