make your work flow
With EXPO Booking, your offer is always online to guide all your bookers, even when your call centre is on coffee break. Since the user interface has been developed for mobile screens, your bookers can access it whenever and wherever they wish.

Our Offer Management Recipe

Mix shared resources with flexible scheduling and additional properties to create that advanced but appetising offer, which is still easy to maintain. Combine that with price and contract management and you can really create that personal booking experience for your favourite customers.

While you´re at it, get rid of all double bookings springing from those shared Excel files. Your guides really don't like to disappoint those excited students anyway.

Talk About Things that Matter

With automatic notifications and access to booking history your bookers will contact you to discuss important things, such as time travel or tree frog egg hatching, instead of asking for booking details or confirmations. Rest assured that EXPO Booking will care for your bookers by sending a friendly reminder of their reservation and ask for an evaluation after the visit.

Show Your True Colours

Create a branded booking experience with design, images and fonts from your organisation. Then tie EXPO Booking even closer to your website using direct links to specific booking types, offers or dates. Last but not least, make your offer available in different languages and communicate with your bookers in their native tongue. All of the above will make you really popular with Marketing.

Your Very Own Bird's-eye View

What's happening in the lab this morning? Is the lunch room going to be crowded? Which one of your guides will not have time for a break today? Quickly get an overview of today's booked activities and create custom, reusable reports to suit your organisation’s needs.

Once you have all your bookings and resources in one place you can provide everyone with more specific information. The guides can view their own schedule and the restaurant staff can get that preparation list for spicy hot dogs themselves.

Infrastructure Included

Your IT-department will be relieved when they learn that EXPO Booking is cloud-based. This means we handle all maintenance and support to provide you with a reliable and scalable booking system with outstanding performance wherever your bookers are.

We Love Other Systems

You probably already have a couple of important systems, like a CRM, POS, ERP or CMS. EXPO Booking wants to be a part of your solution and provides an API for retrieving reservation data as well as custom possibilities for integration. There is already a tight connection with MailChimp to make Email communication with your customers even smoother.

Share Ideas and Collaborate

Whether based on requests from the organisations using EXPO Booking or on groundbreaking visions from our advisory board, we are always planning for new functionality. We simplify co-operation around ideas and needs as well as sharing costs for development, this is what we call; EXPO Together!

We create EXPO Together!


Let's talk

Get in touch with our team, which is just as dedicated to booking as you are. Share your booking experiences with us and let us demo EXPO Booking, online or on site.

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Andreas Brandell

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